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Have you ever encountered a person who looks like their pet? Some speculate that this curious phenomenon may be due to mere-exposure effect. Put simply, people tend to favor the familiar.

And as people become more familiar with functional ingredients, sustainability, the microbiome, and beyond, these familiar topics shape what people seek in pet supplements, treats, food, toppers, and more.

About The Webinar

To track the trends shaping the pet nutrition space and test our own theories, MarketPlace conducted a survey of 506 U.S. pet parents in May 2021.

MarketPlace Studios Jon Copeland and Nicole Hill

Grounded in our deep experience serving human health and wellness and pet nutrition and care brands for the past 19 years, we applied our strategic perspective to analyze the data and uncover the stories within it.

In this webinar, you will learn about human-pet nutrition crossover trends, including:

  • Supplement-takers and supplement-givers
  • Human-driven vs. human-grade
  • Emerging pet supplement ingredients
  • How it’s made, where it’s made, and why it matters
  • Packaging substrates and sustainability
  • Personalized nutrition for pets
  • How to connect with pet parents
  • Cause-related branding and marketing
  • Expanding retail distribution
  • All-natural and Made in The USA claims
  • Media and promotional channels
  • Fish oil and probiotics
  • Subscription services

Watch The Webinar Below

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