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Yulie Lee

Creative Resource Manager

There’s a quietly rebellious part of Yulie that she may not always illustrate. It’s the part of her that finds the line–then wanders beyond it, redrawing it to align with her own path. Like she does with her music sheets.

And with the lines of her gazillion spreadsheets. Each one extended at the edges to fit the sheer number of timelines Yulie is responsible for as MarketPlace’s Creative Resource Manager–the same ones she moves to connect each of our partners to the people who will meet their needs. Or the lines between account manager, project manager, point-of-contact, and delegator she so graciously blurs for us.

Then there’s the line of her ever-expanding career, which shot right out of a BS Degree from NYU Stern School of Business, up to the stars of the B2C brand sky, like the Sports Illustrated and the BMWs, the Goldfish, and the Kettles. Or the half-a-dozen state lines she crossed that brought her from the New York City skyline to the wandering curves of our river city.

Because of all of this, we think the lines Yulie has drawn that are the most incredible are those in her family line. The ones who call her mom. No matter what she draws next, we’re glad Yulie’s gentle self-determination has determined her lines should cross with ours.