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Sudon Choe Staff Photo
Sudon Choe Photography

Sudon Choe

Creative Director

Creative Director Sudon Choe knows that all effective communication begins with collaboration. This collaboration is borne of his conviction that powerful ideas are the result of smart, sophisticated thinking that’s willing to explore all options. Ultimately, his goal for any work of art, whether a print ad or a trade show booth, is that it communicate a clear, strong, compelling voice.

His expertise lies in his ability to use visual information as a medium for communicating that voice. That expertise is a result of years of creative exploration across many formats, from photography to illustration to web design. No matter the project, Sudon’s willingness to consider all ideas and ability to filter them is what ultimately enables him to produce art that speaks, that communicates, that matters.

He’s led complex brand design initiatives for some of our biggest partners, including Sensient, Bunge, and Gnosis by Lesaffre, all of whom benefited from Sudon’s ability to filter complex systems into clear, consistent brand communication.

When he’s not designing, Sudon roots for the SF Giants, keeps tabs on his family and friends in South Korea, dips both toes into home improvement projects, experiments with cameras that strike a balance between exotic and practical, and enjoys wooden weaponry, especially 剣道. In no particular order.