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Megan Hook Staff Photo
Megan Hook Food Styling

Megan Hook

Growth Strategy Director

From Sensient to SensoryEffects, FONA to Phillips 66, Toast to Wash U., Megan Hook has solved all manner of design and business problems, adhering to her conviction that success is found in having a solid vision, a creative and empathetic mindset, and through faithful and determining measurement and  iteration. This explains, at least in some small part, her role as Growth Strategy Director at MarketPlace, where she roadmaps and executes new and alternative revenue streams, helps potential and existing partners raise capital, and oversees the MarketPlace brand.

Megan is curious. Given what we’ll call her vocational journey, she’d have to be. Among the many stretches and switchbacks, she’s been the Creative Director and co-founder of two SaaS companies. All while growing a successful organic produce garden, which is an accomplishment in its own right.

Megan loves seeing things grow. She helped raise $250k in seed funding for two startups even as she led the ideation, UX, and UI for a Fortune 5,000 company’s banking terminal. On the heels of identifying a market opportunity and starting a shop selling Snapchat filters. All of which is framed by her leading the product design and crowdsourcing model for a SaaS product that was awarded a WEBBY and featured and written about by 200+ publications, including the New York Times, BBC News, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and the Guardian.

The only thing we know of that she participates in but doesn’t grow herself is the grass-fed quarter cow she purchases every year from a local rancher. But it does go well with her produce.