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Leslie Feurer Staff Photo
Leslie Feurer Motorcycle

Leslie Feurer

Office Manager

Leslie is responsible for so much of the behind the scenes activity at MarketPlace. She’s the master of the multitask: accounting, invoicing, payroll, human resources, travel arrangements, scheduling, etc. There’s no good way to capture the value that Leslie provides not only to MarketPlace but also to our partners, who benefit from her organized, meticulous processes.

Beyond her office management, Leslie is part of the cultural fabric of MarketPlace, having been with us from almost the beginning, which means that she has a deep understanding of the food, pet, and wellness industries, though if you know Leslie, you know she’d be thrilled if she got to focus just on pet, especially if she could do her own version of market research, which means inviting every dog she could find to her desk to get the treats that good pups deserve.