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Joe Ewing Staff Photo
Joe Ewing Highpointing

Joe Ewing

Art Director

Joe is more than an Art Director; Joe is a quiet amalgam of left brain/right brain, deliberative/activator. In just his first decade of design experience, Joe has worked extensively in both digital and print and in a variety of verticals—Consumer Goods, Tech, Hospitality, AEC, Healthcare, Legal—to name a few. His client list spans companies as varied as Bunge, Merit Functional Foods, Dogswell, Wahl, and Energizer, and he’s won numerous awards, including a Graphic Design USA Award for Branding + Identity and a W3 Gold Award for Web Design.

Joe graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia’s BFA program with a dual major in Graphic Design and Serigraphy. Which means, among other things, that MarketPlace has upped its trade show shirt game.

When he’s not challenging himself on wireframing and identity development, Joe enjoys competing in endurance events and adventure races—anything, really, that pushes the boundaries of the human spirit (excepting PowerPoint, which pushes the boundaries beyond even his spirit).

He also identifies as a “highpointer,” one who seeks to reach the highest point in all 50 states, a feat successfully surmounted by roughly 300 people. He’s currently at 24 high points. We’ll keep this page updated.