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Jessica_Beck_Square_Image MarketPlace

Jessica Beck

Brand Strategist

Jessica’s passion lies at the intersection of the earth and its people. At the point where farm meets table. Where opportunity meets cultivation. She thrives the most when her hands are the dirtiest. When she sees the seeds she has planted bloom into a sustaining force.

As Brand Strategist at MarketPlace, that same passion applies to every partner she works with. Building brands from the ground up or propagating an existing brand into new minds—nationally and internationally. She loves the food and beverage world and has a deep interest in how our food systems impact health. Which gives our partners in AI-empowered bioactives and B2B food and ingredients the kind of insight that helps them determine who they want to be, how to align on it, and what actions to take to impact the daily lives of their consumers.

If you ask her to share one of her proudest personal accomplishments, she’ll tell you about the time she nursed a chicken back to health after an animal attack. Which, we think, says everything about the kind of heart-led, problem-solving, see-it-through person she is.