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Jeremy Schwartz Staff Photo
Jeremy Schwartz Engineering

Jeremy Schwartz

Web Developer

Jeremy Schwartz is an innovative web developer with 15+ years of experience designing, developing, and implementing thoughtful, user-friendly websites. Specializing in PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and multiple CMSs, he has a strong passion for staying ahead of the curve on web technologies.

His leadership at MarketPlace is underpinned by over a decade of experience as a web developer for creative agencies, where he’s done just about everything our partners need: develop email campaigns, design and implement learning management systems, bolster SEO and user engagement, lead corporate workshops, and even create a universal Gutenberg-based theme and blocking system.

During his studies in business management, he received academic honors and, since then, has continued his education, achieving various certifications, including MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), DCSE (Dell Certified Systems Expert), and Microsoft Sharepoint Management through ASPE.

Mostly, though, he just loves making beautiful, functional websites with our creative team, and they love how much he cares about the details.