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Courtney Reinhardt Staff Photo
Courtney Reinhardt Race

Courtney Reinhardt

Sr Brand Strategist

Courtney Reinhardt is a Senior Brand Strategist at MarketPlace, but just as importantly to our partners, she’s also a repository of commercialization knowledge. Before joining MarketPlace, she was a channel commercialization manager with Coca-Cola Bottling, and before that, she helped launch products with S&D Coffee & Tea and Cepia, LLC.

For most of our partners, Courtney creates custom brand plans (inclusive of Discovery, Go-to-Market Strategy, and Promotion), using her experience and insight to apply market research and analysis to brand strategies built around specific business objectives.

Her drive to define and deliver on KPIs shows through in everything she does, from the way she keeps the MarketPlace team informed and organized to the recommendations she makes to our clients on everything from pricing to pack size.

And on the other side of the data and measurement coin, Courtney is the chair of the MP Cares committee, helping ensure that we’re as productive and efficient with our charitable giving as we are with our project resources.