Seeking Senior Digital Strategist

We’re a brand development group founded in 2002 who creates and manages nutrition and lifestyle brands for people and pets. We’re a smart, tight-knit, hard-working team of marketing strategists, designers, and content creators. We partner with many flavors of B2B and B2C companies to develop new brands, craft company and product strategies, research markets and consumer behaviors, develop original content and creative, leverage traditional and new media, and measure and recalibrate to achieve desired results. We’re looking for a full-time, in-house Sr. Digital Strategist to join our team in St. Louis and help us serve our food, pet, and wellness partners even better.

The Senior Digital Strategist will work hand in hand with brand and marketing strategists, creative directors, writers, video, and developers to understand brand strategy and develop digital plans that connect the brand to the online consumer. You will be tasked with reaching and influencing target demos digitally; developing solutions to meet client brand objectives based on consumer insight and data; and spotting trends and technologies that play roles in consumer’s lives.

Although many of the objectives for this position are similar to the industry, what is different is that you will be working with our team to help clients before a product has taken shape, before launch, promotion, and maintenance. Because we are commonly involved in the fundamental stages of bringing a product or brand to life, we need a Sr. Digital Strategist who will be embedded with the brand strategy team to ensure that our client’s products have the greatest potential for success, often before the product is even commercialized.

Essential Functions:

  • Provide direction and regular communication to staff and clients regarding digital marketing initiatives and tactics.
  • Create and maintain digital dashboard and metrics reporting with respect to each client account. Determine KPIs and metrics with respect to each client’s target market and stage of brand activation.
  • Oversee client website optimizations and day to day maintenance implemented by creative staff.
  • Provide and implement strategic direction, including audience targeting, keywords, funnel designs, drip campaign architecture, landing pages, and other guidance as necessary.
  • Collaborate in the development of creative assets, original content, landing pages, and other media assets for use in the respective channels as a cohesive strategy using funnel architecture for engagement and conversion.
  • Oversee development and implementation of digital media and content calendars.
  • Manage influencer programs and cultivate relationships with influencers within client markets.
  • Travel when necessary with agency staff to present digital recaps, KPIs, strategies, and other information to support digital activities.
  • Track and evaluate digital performance trends and provide optimization recommendations to channel leads to constantly improve return on investment and program efficiency.
  • Educate clients and internal staff on the integration of digital promotion strategies with and potential benefits to their respective programs.
  • Collaborate with media resources to develop comprehensive digital promotion programs, inclusive of PPC, social marketing, print/trade media, PR, and other media resources to ensure campaigns achieve performance targets.