A brand requires more than words to carry its message; a brand’s visual image, as much as any other element, communicates its personality and position, from premium to low cost-in-use, traditional to modern, inventive to conservative. From people and places to food and pets, we deliver high-quality photography that defines and differentiates our partners’ brands.

Beverage marketing


Having spent over a decade honing our craft, MarketPlace welcomes (and enjoys) every challenge that food (and beverage and ingredient) photography can bring. We love the challenge of food that melts, droops, flattens, and crumbles, and we especially enjoy employing the tricks of the trade (think glycerin, shoe polish, toothpicks, hairspray, blowtorch). From concept to professional finished photos, Marketplace is equipped with the staff, the facilities, the expertise, and the genuine enjoyment of what we do to deliver stunning food images for your brand.

Pet photography


With half a dozen office pets galumphing, lounging, and nosing around MarketPlace at any given time, it’s no surprise that our photography expertise would extend to pets. With a veteran pet photographer on staff, our passion for pets goes well beyond basic love of animals to near obsession for perfect photographic execution. We’ve photographed pets in-studio (and herded cats in the process), outdoors, still and in-action, in natural and artificial light, with people and without. We’ve worked with handlers and trainers and breeds of all types. Pet photography requires patience, technical skill, intuition, and advanced editing to deliver the highest quality professional results, and MarketPlace is dedicated to every aspect of the process.

Advertising for Roquette


Our partners regularly come to us for lifestyle imagery to help further their brand positioning and bring their marketing and advertising concepts to life. With our photo studio, our expert in-house photographers, and our experience planning, managing, and executing complex shoots (from talent and location scouting to wardrobe and art direction), we’re equipped to help you separate yourself from all the uninspiring stock photography littering the competitive landscape.

Post-production process


MarketPlace has deliberately built a creative staff that is not just capable of capturing the shots but is also highly skilled in the art of editing for application. In other words, we work so hard on the front end to plan and execute a shoot that we can’t bear to see it fall short in post. Our editing studio is equipped with the most current industry standard software needed to translate pixels, perfect profiles, and deliver stunning high-resolution imagery for our clients. From basic cleaning and clipping to advanced compositing, we pride ourselves on our post-production prowess, and we’re confident you’ll see the difference in your brand.

With so many quality photographers to choose from and so many variables to consider, selecting the right photographer for your specific project can feel daunting. At MarketPlace, we think photography is a big deal, and we’ve worked hard to remove some of that stress by bringing the photographic quality of the best photo studios in-house to work alongside our brand strategy and marketing expertise. Like you, we treat photography as a brand investment and take great care to ensure that the brand assets we produce can be used across media to maximize resources and reach. We hope our experience and passion can be an asset to your business. We’d love to talk, so please contact us today if we can answer some questions or discuss your next project.