Tyler at Work

Tyler has been working in web development for over ten years. This work began as favors for family and friends and quickly turned into a career. Tyler keeps us up to date on technological trends and best practices in the web development world while exploring new software integration solutions for our customers. A full-stack developer, Tyler loves working both ends of the development spectrum; taking code and turning it into something our partners can not only see but also benefit from makes him genuinely happy.

Kid Tyler


Being around a computer pretty much his entire life, Tyler has been fascinated with the guts behind the web since childhood. Originally in school for Graphic Design, he quickly learned that his strong suit was the data that makes the page look pretty, so he jumped over to the code side and never looked back.

Tyler at Home

We’re not going to sugarcoat this, and we mean this in the most admiring way possible: Tyler is a straight-up video game nerd. Though he grew up playing soccer (all the way through college) and has always had a competitive mindset, these days, his love for competition and strategy is primarily reserved for what he can do on the screen. That said, while not coding or gaming, he’s likely either playing tennis or exploring BBQ (but never at the same time).

Old vs New Tech


I’m constantly amazed, inspired, intimidated, confused, and interested in how (and in how fast) technology evolves. Whether looking back three years or 30, I love observing the differences, but I try to do so without dwelling too much on what comes next, which has the potential to send me down a rabbit hole.

Memorable Meal

Growing up, Tyler’s favorite meal was a simple, mom-made sausage, rice, and beans. To this day, it’s his go-to meal, whether he’s in a bind, he can’t make a choice, or he needs the comfort of something he can count on.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

- Walt Disney