Tracy at Work

One of MarketPlace’s founders, President Tracy Landau brings 25+ years of food industry experience, from equipment and flavors to inclusions and oils, to the table. Tracy is a bona fide food industry insider, having worked for one of the biggest flavor houses in the industry before starting MarketPlace. Because of Tracy’s leadership in creating MarketPlace with specific food industry focus, she has developed a team of strategists and designers who know the industry as well as they know marketing.

Her knowledge of the industry, her connection to its many networks, and her love for the product development cycle are but a few of the reasons MarketPlace stands apart as a brand growth partner.


From a successful career in marketing, including product commercialization for a global ingredient company, she founded MarketPlace in 2002 with her husband Phil. MarketPlace began, by design, as a consultancy but developed, behind Tracy’s vision and due to successful partnerships and client growth, into a full-service brand growth partner working with companies around the world to develop brands and implement integrated marketing strategy.

Tracy at Home

Tracy spends most of her spare time with her husband Phil and son Aidan, on small weekend road trips when possible. She enjoys home design and remodeling projects and is currently working on their home.

A fan of alternative beers, she and Phil tour micro-breweries and distilleries whenever they travel.

Hockey mom


There have been several evenings recently when, in an attempt to efficiently cross the boundary between work and family, I’ve almost hopped in the car wearing hockey skates.

I suppose I’m like many modern parents in that regard, switching between business person and hockey parent, sometimes unable to make that division a clean split. As long as I don’t body-check a business partner rather than shake hands, I think we’ll be all right.

Memorable Meal

She doesn’t talk about it much, but if you can get Tracy to tell you about the radio station and the Van Halen dessert salad, you should. We won’t ruin the story here, but know that it involves a radio station contest, arugula, Pop Rocks, the Van Halen tour bus, and an appearance on-stage at the Rose Bowl wearing a Hostess Cupcake-themed, sequined dress.

You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.

- Steve Jobs