Silky lived her life. It’s simple, yet it’s a mystery. Ask her to explain it, and you’d be met with a back roll and tail wag—that’s not coyness or an avoidance tactic, that was just classic Silky. She was all authentic, all the time, and she lived her life from a posture of humility, all the more surprising given that her breed is the most popular and well-loved in both America and the UK. If you were beloved the most by two of the most powerful countries in the world, you’d let it go to your head, and you’d boss people around your workplace like the fake queen of your flimsy castle. But not Silky. Silky’s perspective was right. Silky’s game was true. Silky’s heart was clear. From this wellspring of pure life flowed the magic that boosts office morale.

Yes, I said magic. It was magic. Silky. Magic.

“Regret is like fleas, except that it gnaws at your heart instead of your butt.”

– Old Sparky