Phil at Work

A founder of MarketPlace, CEO Phil Landau brings 20 years of food industry experience and technical expertise to the team. Phil provides business and technology insights both in steering MarketPlace’s business and in consulting on client projects. From leading the development of complex Sample Request Systems to providing business expertise, Phil contributes leadership and knowhow informed by his IT background and food industry experience.

Always recognized as the consummate professional, Phil’s hard work and commitment to consulting and collaborating with every client and every project can be matched only by the warm personality and approachable demeanor he’s known so well for.


With his extensive background in corporate technology—including client support, network engineering, server administration, and application development—Phil, along with wife Tracy, started MarketPlace with the goal of helping food, beverage, and ingredient companies better manage and communicate their information and products to the marketplace. While MarketPlace has grown and our mission has evolved, that initial goal remains.

Phil at Home

It’s true that Phil’s been accused of being a workaholic, but his real passion is his family, and they come first. His first love is time with his wife Tracy, his son Aidan, and his two four-legged friends, Cody (dog) and Kit Kat (cat). Phil is a big fan of high-quality craft beers, aged highlands scotch, and enjoys barbecuing/smoking fine meats of all kinds.



I don’t think I missed a calling as a smoker operator (I’m far better as a systems architect), but I’d be lying if I told you that the preparing, smoking, and consuming of large hunks of meat doesn’t play a role in my everyday thought process. It does. It definitely does.

Memorable Meal

Phil will tell you that every meal with his wife, son, and meat near a smoker and/or a grill is his memorable meal. His wife and son haven’t changed, but the meats do, so here’s a list of his favorites: brisket, flatiron, pork shoulder, skirt, kielbasa, whole hog.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

- Charles Mingus