Nicole at Work

Nicole loves a good conversation. Whether building relationships between company and consumer or business to business, she enjoys collaborating with her MarketPlace teammates to develop purposeful creative that not only engages the intended audience, but inspires them to act.

As Group Strategy Director, Nicole has the opportunity to work with virtually every client and project that we take on, ensuring that the insight you receive from her comes from thorough knowledge of your industry.


After completing a BA in Strategic Communication at Mizzou’s Journalism School, Nicole worked in St. Louis advertising agencies for several years in roles encompassing copywriting, account management, and marketing strategy. She came to MarketPlace in 2012, where she plans, learns, thinks, strategizes, writes, and, most importantly, collaborates with our entire team to create and communicate smart, meaningful ideas that move people.

Nicole at Home

When she’s not crafting strategic copy, Nicole enjoys embarking on kitchen adventures, which have resulted in such delights as balsamic grilled strawberries, as well as a few less-than-delightful dishes, including a failed attempt at pad thai. In addition to culinary quests, Nicole loves spending time with her husband, Tim, their son Theodore, and their two comically charming dogs, Gunner and Omar.

farm life


The backdrop of many childhood adventures, The Farm is tangible magic. It’s built on family bonds and the kind of hard work that always results in dirt and sweat and pride. It’s where I caught my first fish and learned to care for a menagerie of animals. It’s the flutter of wings and the thunder of hooves. It’s brilliant sunrises and night skies brimming with stars. It’s family, it’s peace, and it’s endless inspiration.

Memorable Meal

King Edward’s Chicken and Fish, a family operated, New Orleans-themed eatery, was conveniently located down the street from the paint store Nicole and Tim frequented during the yearlong renovation of their home. Motivated by the prospect of a King E’s lunch, Nicole and Tim made so many trips to the paint store, they ended up priming and painting every room and ceiling in their home.

I have a Socratic approach to most things that I do. I pummel people with questions, because I need to know what they’re thinking, what they’re trying to achieve, what they believe the final outcome is going to be.

- Tim Gunn