Nicole at Work

As our Production Designer, Nicole is the final checkpoint in our creative design process. She extends, finishes, or buttons-up creative work delivered from other design strategy team members through to final files for print and/or digital applications. She shares equal real estate in her head for the right brain and the left brain to operate, giving her the balance of creativity and logic ideal for her role.

Prior to joining MarketPlace, Nicole set her roots in St. Louis and spent her early career doing in-house creative work with local, well-known institutions: the Missouri History Museum, the Saint Louis Science Center, and Saint Louis University, just to name a few.


The Goonies


Nicole is tenacious in the midst of detail-heavy production tasks.

In her college years, Nicole went to two live tapings of The Price is Right in Los Angeles. She didn’t get selected for the show.

In 2010, Nicole took a train from Minneapolis to Glacier National Park, then on to Seattle and Portland, with a final stop in Astoria, Oregon, where she met Chunk, frolicked in the sand at Cannon Beach, and got to explore inside the Goonies’ house.

Like Goonies, Nicole never says die.

Nicole at Home

When she’s not being diligent, detailed and meeting deadlines at work, Nicole transfers those skills over on each of her weekly breaks where she transforms into a “Weekend Warrior,” making the most of her 48-hours of home time. You’ll likely find her waking up at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the daylight hours, working on one of her many house projects, knocking out all of the weekly errands or checking off things on her to-do list.

Nicole has two-year-old black lab “dogter” (dog daughter) named Vedder (yes, after Eddie!) that also enjoys waking up early, taking long walks, playing with her pup friends and riding ‘full torso out of the window’ in the car. If Nicole isn’t focused on one of her house projects, you’ll likely find her hitting up a local antique store, enjoying a Cardinals game or spending QT with Vedder.



A previously dreaded long daily commute was made just a little bit more tolerable through the magic storytelling of podcasts. Though naturally drawn to easy listening shows like Young House Love (a podcast that discusses DIY, design and life at home), Nicole also explores her dark(ish) side by indulging in true-crime podcasts.

Memorable Meal

All the soup! If there is a soup of the day on the menu, be sure that Nicole will ask what it is, and she will center many a meal around that starter bowl. Set a melty crock of French Onion in front of her and she might be your best friend.

The details are not the details. They make the design.

- Charles Eames