Matt at Work

As researcher for MarketPlace, Matt makes sure that our strategists and designers have the resources and information they need to create strategic, successful work for our clients. His research expertise allows us to serve our clients with original insights drawing on qualitative and quantitive methods, everything from consumer surveys to digital analytics to reading Yahoo! Answers (a surprising source of insight into consumer attitudes, it turns out).

Having spent several years teaching college and doing research, Matt knows how to listen well, consider multiple points of view, and dig into a topic until he knows it to its roots. His work for MarketPlace clients draws on these qualities of strategic thinking, attentive care, and thorough research.



Matt has worked in both marketing and higher education since 2010, when he moved to St. Louis to pursue graduate school and also began freelancing as a digital copywriter for a number of startups. He finished his master’s degree at Saint Louis University in 2012, started at MarketPlace in 2014, and completed his PhD in English in 2017 (that’s right, he’s Dr. Matt, though he prefers you not call him that). After two years as a marketing strategist, he moved into his current research role in 2016. He has published over a dozen articles on music, books, teaching, theatre, and the landscape of the Midwest.

Matt at Home

As the father of two active young sons, Matt spends most of his non-work time playing with Hot Wheels cars, engaging in impromptu wrestling matches, and making peanut butter sandwiches. Otherwise, he maintains a large garden (don’t ask him for his opinions about tomatoes or cardoons), roasts coffee, reads old books, and hangs out with his artist wife.



This is a cardoon. It’s like celery, but it tastes like an artichoke and is roughly the size of a small tree. I did a terrible job growing it this year, but it’s still amazing. I grow odd plants like these because I value biodiversity and neglected foods, but also because messing around with them just makes me really happy.

Memorable Meal

A good meal is about atmosphere and company as well as food, so Matt looks back fondly on cooking Mongolian barbecue in a park on a perfect summer evening while drinking wine with his wife, brother, and sister-in-law.

Whoever loves the end also loves the means.

- Cheryl Mendelson