Jon at Work

A Senior Art Director, Jon designs brands, from identity to tactical implementation. Whether designing a logo or a robust web presence, Jon brings his design expertise and knowledge of the food industry to each project. His range of design expertise includes trade show booths, websites, brand identities, ads, collateral materials, apparel, and more. In addition to his role as a Senior Art Director at MarketPlace, Jon demonstrates and educates college students about design fundamentals as a graphic design professor at a nearby university.

With such a wide range of skills and a love for design (from graphic to technical to industrial), it will come as no surprise that one of his first design jobs was developing product illustrations for vacuum cleaners.


Jon moved to St. Louis after spending 30something formative years in Illinois. He completed a BFA with concentrations in graphic design and art history at Illinois Wesleyan University and holds a master’s degree in new media from Illinois State University. After short stints in printing and tourism, Jon spent six years working in higher education marketing before coming to MarketPlace.

At night, he teaches design at the university level, and he also recently co-published a children’s book entitled Rachel’s Dreams and Hats.

Jon at Home

Jon and his wife, Justine, live in St. Peters with their children, Joey and Lily, and cockapoo, Berkley. He is an avid sci-fi nerd, all-around cinephile—everything from Ingmar Bergman to James Bond—and bookworm with a mildly withering gaze reserved for digital “books.” He believes that all creative ideas come from overconsumption of media (if you have a fortnight to spare, just ask him to explain his take on the creative process). He brings to MarketPlace his love of craft beers and BBQ restaurants, that love being almost as enveloping as his love for design and typography.


A typophile, I’m fairly vocal about my love for all things type. It’s a crest I proudly wear, a core characteristic of my identity. So much so that I almost wonder why, when meeting someone for the first time, they don’t immediately strike up a conversation about American hand-painted signage or the opening credits of Alien. A blessing and a curse, my type fascination allows me to both appreciate and scrutinize the mundane. So let’s skip the formalities (yes, it is nice to meet you; we’ll get to names) and talk type!

Memorable Meal

In 2014, Jon stayed, for four days, across the street from Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, famous from various media including Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food. He visited all the spots Richman devoured and yet, somehow, managed to escape the City of Brotherly Love without lapsing into a meat-induced coma.

I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.

- Ignatius J. Reilly