Jon at Work

Jon wants to know the truth. His approach to solving a marketing problem is to begin with observation, progress into a robust understanding of stakeholders and related facts, and then uncover insights into awareness, attitude, and behavior. Jon’s go-to solving utensils are field surveys, market reports, data analysis tools, anecdata, and all the coffees.

In sum, Jon believes that truth and understanding are at the foundation of any effective strategic campaign, and he employs the latest in market research methods and technology toward those ends. He brings nearly a decade of research experience to MarketPlace.


Back when people listened to OutKast on the radio, Jon was studying advertising and journalism at the University of Missouri and the University of Alabama. Prior to joining MarketPlace in 2018, he spent over eight years conducting strategic communications research for global brands in agriculture, healthcare, and finance. Prior to that prior, Jon rode a wheelie around the entire block four times. He has been unable to replicate the feat.

Jon at Home

Jon is a study in contrasts. He likes a bone-crushing heavy metal riff as much as a Hank Sr. steel slide. He reads both the Washington Post and National Review. He’s really tall but can’t dunk (a basketball; donuts, no problem). He puts hot sauce on ketchup. He’s okay with this but knows you might not be.

Church Research


I like church history. The legend of Saint Thecla is one of my favorite stories. Thecla runs away from home to become an itinerant preacher. She evades capture, thwarts death, and inspires crowds. In an unusual climactic scene, she falls into a vat of man-eating seals (yep) and baptizes herself. Manuscripts of Thecla’s story have been discovered in several languages, indicating that she was widely (and rightly, it seems) revered in the early church.

Memorable Meal

For Jon, there’s nothing quite as luxurious as eating spaghetti in the woods. While on camping trips in his teenage years, Jon would cook enough spaghetti to feed 12 hungry scouts, and there would always be enough for seconds.

We’re like children who always want to take apart watches to see how they work.

- Lord Rutherford