Jim at Work

As Senior Brand Strategist, Jim contributes on food and nutraceutical brands in a variety of capacities, including brand development, trade show strategy and coordination, advertising, and, of course, writing. Having worked with food and nutraceutical technology and ingredient brands, Jim coordinates projects and contributes strategy for streamlined communications and on-point deliverables. Cars or caviars, the subject matter is secondary—a graduate of Mizzou’s School of Journalism, Jim knows how to write on any subject and for just about any audience we throw at him. And though his degree is in Journalism, he focused his studies on Strategic Communications, which taught him not only to put words on a page but to also make them influence people.

Jim is one to lose sleep if he doesn’t feel satisfied with his work, so rest assured (while he doesn’t) that your project is in good hands (if only because he really enjoys sleeping, which, thus, is a great source of motivation).


Jim grew up outside of Chicago, where he began putting pen to paper as a reporter for his school newspaper. His mom is proud to tell you that he was the Illinois Journalist of the Year (she fails to mention that the distinction was available only to high school students—thanks, mom!). At the Missouri School of Journalism, he served in numerous communications and journalism roles, including working with the student agency to present a successful pitch to Walmart and Tostitos. Before coming to MarketPlace, he managed marketing services for a B2B form in the automative sector. He’s accordingly seen marketing from all sides—media, client, and agency—equipping him well for his work at MarketPlace.

Jim at Home

Unless you’re a serial listener, steer clear of mentioning, near Jim, any movies you’ve seen, books you’ve read, or music you’ve discovered. The chances are good that he’s seen/read/discovered them, too, and the chances are 100% that he’ll talk your ear off if he has. Also, if you’re going to a concert, don’t invite him along unless you’re really sure you want his company. When not watching/reading/listening/marketing, Jim hangs with his pup Molly.


I’m a huge fan of concerts, which I couldn’t say until about a year ago. Now, when the prospect of going to a concert comes up, it’s hard to get me to say no. I took this photo at my first concert as a St. Louis resident (a Bleachers show at the Pageant in August 2015). Watching an artist play live and interact with their fans is a completely different experience than listening to them in your car or on your headphones. It’s one of my favorite parts about living in this city—the accessibility of some great live music.

Memorable Meal

Self-admittedly the world’s most slightly below average chef, Jim is more of an enjoyer of meals than a creator. But for special occasions, he’ll throw on the apron and turn on the oven. For example, to celebrate a friend’s landing a new job, Jim and his buddy Jim tried to whip up a nice meal. A small fire, some panic, and a few apologies later, the chefs served a wonderful pasta dish and a side of garlic bread treated to some extra Maillard reaction (“burnt”).

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.

- Daniel Handler