Erin at Work

At MarketPlace, Erin works with all our clients to develop, organize, and implement media placements and PR. She has worked with media on the local, state, and regional levels, building lasting relationships with editors to ensure more positive coverage for her clients. Her superb listening skills and meticulous organization allow her to fully digest and understand client needs to execute strategies effectively and efficiently.

Despite a suburban upbringing, Erin began her career promoting the agriculture industry. She continues to appreciate the hardwork of American farmers, and brings that appreciation of the ag industry and expertise in agribusiness to her work with our food and ag clients.


Erin graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and worked at the National Soybean Research Laboratory before entering the St. Louis PR world. She managed PR and media for major agribusiness clients for several years, winning recognition including a Golden ARC Award, before bringing her talents to MarketPlace as our media lead in 2016. She has also published numerous articles as a journalist on topics including the phases of relationships, small business advantages, sustainability, home improvement, and elder care.

Erin at Home

A native and current resident of Southern Illinois, Erin spends all the time she can with her husband and two young daughters. In the summer, weekend visits to the pool are a regular occurrence.


I grew up with a distant understanding of agriculture. I knew my food came from a farm and not from a grocery store, but I didn’t fully appreciate the hard work of farmers until I spent time promoting the industry. I’m the farthest thing from a farm girl—bugs are my greatest enemies, I sunburn after ten minutes under a cloudy sky, and tall grass makes me itch—but none of that stops me from appreciating a view like this and the hardworking farmers who call rural America home.

Memorable Meal

As a relatively new mom, Erin’s universe revolves around her two daughters, and so any meal with them and her husband is memorable—even if it involves fulfilling numerous requests for “more, more, more” or picking numerous pieces of cereal off the floor.

. . . sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

- Marilyn Monroe