Elliott at Work

Elliott has extensive experience designing for print, web, and video. His strong video production and animation background offer dimension to MarketPlace’s diverse service offerings, while his proficiency in web design and technologies keep web projects on track. Elliott’s combination of business savvy, process-orientation, and creative design means that there’s almost nothing he can’t handle.

A dedicated team player, Elliott is an exemplary communicator who works well with colleagues and clients alike. He’s willing to jump in on any project and contribute at any level, whether collaborating with others or tasked to carry a single initiative through to completion. Because of his demeanor and consistency, Elliott’s not only a rock for MarketPlace; he’s a rock for clients, and they love him without exception.


Upon graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in visual communications (emphasis in graphic design), Elliott went straight to work as a motion graphics artist, graphic designer, and website designer. From the beginning, his responsibilities included some combination of those three disciplines, leading to directing live shows for large (1500+) studio audiences. His career trajectory took him to two video production companies, a local PBS station, a motion pictures licensing company, and four-year stint with the Archdiocese of St. Louis before bringing his assortment of talents to MarketPlace. His work has been recognized with honors including the Communicator Award of Excellence, the Telly Award, and the thanks of many a satisfied MarketPlace client.

Elliott at Home

Elliott is a professional dad and husband (one of the many in our office) when not being a professional at MarketPlace. After clocking out at MarketPlace, Elliott’s primary passion begins: trying to be the best husband to his wife, Laurie, and the best dad to his two awesome children, Andrew and Gracie. Despite doing everything at all times at MarketPlace, he somehow has the energy to be amazingly active in their lives and the school and parish they attend.

creative photography


I’m tempted to say that I’m inspired by the juxtaposition of the two selves, by the way that the artist subverts expectations through disruption, by framing the quotidian—a pair of cruddy boat shoes—atop (both literally and compositionally) the self (not the true self but the reflected self, the projected “I”). Fortunately for you, I fought that temptation and will say what’s true, which is that I just think this photo is very cool.

Memorable Meal

On his honeymoon, he and his wife decided to go off the (for them) beaten path for some sushi. “We were at beginner stage sushi; you know, California rolls, tuna on rice, halibut on rice, etc. We’d decided to step it up a level and try salmon roe. We counted to three and bit in together. Unfortunately, a glob of wasabi was attached to mine and Laurie’s was nothing but salmon roe. So I was left crying while Laurie looked for a place to hurl as a table of petite older Japanese ladies giggled (politely). The honeymoon was great, but we have yet to eat sushi together since then.

Number one, like yourself. Number two, you have to eat healthy. And number three, you’ve got to squeeze your buns. That’s my formula.

- Richard Simmons