Courtney at Work

With a rich background that extends from ZhuZhu Pets to Coca-Cola, Courtney is an expert brand strategist with a knack for translating consumer shopping habits, trends, and insights into winning marketing plans. Courtney offers clients her superior project management, relationship building, and problem solving skills, as well as rich consumer packaged goods experience.


After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Journalism, Courtney launched her career in the toy industry, where she specialized in brand development. After moving to North Carolina, Courtney worked on a brand team for a coffee and tea company before switching gears to commercialization for a bottler of Coca-Cola. She and her husband then returned home to St. Louis, bringing her knowledge of branding, strategy implementation, and commercialization to MarketPlace.

Courtney at Home

Courtney is always in some culinary pursuit. On weekends, you can find her whipping up delectable bites such as butternut squash soup with crispy prosciutto and sage and homemade chocolate chip banana bread. She has an unabashed passion for reality food competition shows, and she loves new cookbooks. She also enjoys long-distance running (and the food she’ll eat afterward).


As a proud puppy mom, I have to plug a photo of my lab-mix rescue. My husband and I adopted him from a shelter in South Carolina, but staying true to our St. Louis roots, we named him Gibson.

Memorable Meal

Mimi’s Famous Salmon Pasta. When she was younger, Courtney would often visit her grandmother Mimi, who would treat her to a favorite meal: grilled salmon flaked over a silky bed of pasta with lemony cream sauce and peas. No matter how many times Courtney tries to recreate this dish, she knows it’s never as good as Mimi’s!

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.

- Julia Child