CeCe at Work

An inquisitive and proactive writer with a background in brand development and management, content creation, and strategy, CeCe’s brain works best when it’s on the move. She’s always looking for new approaches to old processes and ways of thinking. Her aptitude for delivering unique copy with refreshing perspective and clarity is the cilantro garnish on the word-pico she whips up for every project.

CeCe brings cross-industry experience spanning the smallest of seedling startups to big boy corporate insurance. Her in-depth knowledge on unexpected topics like equine vibration therapy, high end retail, health, and psychology combines to form a chameleon communicator, an elaborate brainstormer, and an expert word picker.

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CeCe chose her path the old-fashioned way – by following her gut and sticking to whatever her finger landed on in the course catalogue at Webster University. Screenwriting had a nice ring to it, so she dove into that BFA and punched out a minor in Public Relations.

A semester in Vienna, Austria brought travel, excitement, and supporting coursework in psychology to make sense of it all. In the years since, CeCe has continued to immerse herself in foreign places, industries, and subject matters because (to her) there’s no greater thrill than overcoming a challenge and learning something new in the process.

CeCe at Home

When she’s off the client-clock, CeCe writes, directs, produces (and occasionally cameos in) her own web series with two of her closest friends. The other two MVP’s in her life include fiancée, Riley, and their doghter, Coco. When they’re not busy rearranging the living room to accommodate for newly found treasures, the whole fam enjoys the great outdoors. Find them hiking, snowboarding, working out, or patio-hopping for happy hour – wherever the sun shines is where they want to be.

Hans Hemmert Level


Here is a lesson in branding, but also a peek into my subconscious. To some, Baboon’s web presence feels chaotic and their Instagram feed random, but I see all the weird working together. Baboon is unapologetic, clever, and a little offbeat—all traits I can appreciate in a brand, a bag, and a human. They’ve done more than expected and turned a duffel into an adventure I want to go on.

Memorable Meal

CeCe has a handful of food sensitivities and intolerances that she recklessly ignores from time to time. The most memorable meals are those that make her taste buds scream, but not her insides. Death by cheese, please. Win her over with Thai food, or really any Asian-fusion food truck you come across.

What makes us human, I think, is an ability to ask questions, a consequence of our sophisticated spoken language.

- Jane Goodall