Brian at Work

Brian has been shooting and editing video pretty much his entire life. Ask about an obscure format or the newest editing software, and he’s likely mastered it. From passion projects to initiatives for large clients like Abbott Science and Johnson & Johnson Vision, Brian has applied his experience, expertise, and genuine delight in digital motion to award-winning projects of every type and resolution.


Brian has always been an observer, which is why he says that he ended up a video guy. He spent childhood making stop-motion movies with toys, spent young adulthood at the Art Institute of Seattle honing his video skill, and has spent his time since at various creative agencies, having shot and edited over 250 video ads (he’s not counting, but he did over 100 in his first year alone, so he feels good about this estimate).

Brian at Home

More than a video guy, Brian is a runner. He smoked for almost 20 years, quit cold turkey, and started running. He craves the mental challenge of running long distances, of pushing himself farther and further. To date, his longest distance is 52 108 miles, which he hopes to have to update on this website regularly. Not as interested in running is his best bud and cat, Louie, who likes to listen to Brian play guitar, banjo, and even analog synth. While not filming or running, Brian is training to be a certified DDP Yoga instructor.


I believe that being able to move through the world while watching the unfolding of time is what it’s all about. While running, I look for moments in time to line up with scenery just perfectly to capture mental and emotional snapshots of the awesomeness of the world we move through.

Memorable Meal

For years, Brian has eaten the same thing for dinner almost every night (turkey burgers without buns, lima beans, sweet potatoes). One day at his parents’ house, he ate some brisket from Sugarfire. It has been so long since he had not-turkey-burgers, he literally started laughing out loud as he ate because he couldn’t believe how good it was. He will do that again.

My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy.

- John Bryant