Brian at Work

Brewed in St. Louis, Brian spent 15 years in the beer industry, from sales and marketing at Anheuser-Busch and Pabst Brewing to brand management and trade marketing with other industry leaders. From setting strategy to activating at retail, Brian relishes the challenge of revitalizing brands and developing easily navigable commercialization routes. Beyond the CPG world, Brian thrives on understanding the psychology of customer behavior, not only in brick and mortar but also in digital marketing, for consumer, B2B, and B2E partners alike.


Anheuser-Busch brewery tour


Fresh off a BBA with a minor in English and History, Brian got a job as a Tour Guide at A-B so that he could learn the industry, and he wisely figured that the best way to learn the industry was to start with the consumer, spending every day walking with them and interacting with them at the geographic heart of the consumer-brand interchange. From there, he worked up to the Customer Relationship Group, to Sales & Brand Development, and then outward as a Brand Manager and Trade Marketing specialist.

Brian at Home

The day begins optimistically, Brian, his wife Lisa, and their two kids greeting the day. This always energizes Brian. So much so that he decides to partake in a few of his favorite activities, soccer and bike riding. He enjoys these activities, perhaps emotionally and mentally more than physically. He returns home for some cool-down drumming (following in the pedal-foot steps of his percussionist grandfather and uncle), some hijinks with the kids, a quick round of trivia on his phone, and, finally, some light reading (high fantasy, historical non-fiction, beer news) before tucking in to some binge re-runs of The Office and Parks & Rec, featuring his doppelganger.

neat lawn


“If a marketing genius could can and brand that sweet, earthy smell of newly cut grass mixed with small-engine exhaust, I’d be an evangelist and influencer. That smell takes me to carefree childhood summer evenings, to dinner with my family on the deck after dad mowed the lawn. There is nostalgia, to be sure. Nostalgia for the gifts of freedom and security I felt as a child, but a longing, also, for order and opportunity, for messy elements to tame, for a task to complete, for the opportunity to see potential, apply myself, and make a difference.”

Memorable Meal

At the table of a professional chef: eggs Benedict with Surf & Turf is his unequivocal choice for most delicious and nutritious foodstuffs that can be offered by land-and-seafaring fauna. At home, his grandma’s meatballs and mom’s deviled eggs have inspired him to try his undisciplined hand at his own culinary exploits, much to his family’s chagrin. But he’s learning to make memories.

Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

- Ron Swanson