Ami at Work

Ami appreciates versatility—and making things happen. If she can do that while making processes and projects easier for others, all the better! Great communication and team effort make great work possible. And that’s what MarketPlace does very, very well.

Project Management


After graduating with degrees in biology and English, Ami went south to develop education and literacy initiatives with non-profit Harvest Initiative in Nicaragua. She returned to get her master’s and soon began teaching at UMSL. At the same time, she leveraged her knack for words and organization into marketing, design, and internet commerce while working in the housewares industry. She brings her analytical and creative knowledge of processes, production, and commerce to MarketPlace.

Ami at Home

Ami loves a good story, which explains her fondness for great storytelling in nearly all of its forms. It all started with a storyteller in elementary school telling the tale of Anansi the Spider. She also has a penchant for coffee shops, scenic hikes, and organizing. On a rainy day, she’s as likely to be reorganizing a closet as nestled in a cozy chair with a book or watching a movie. She loves to travel—exploring new places and finding comfort in familiar ones.

Bingley the Gardening Cat


I have a cat who adopted my father. So, now, Bingley is my father’s cat whom I visit. Still, he’s most apt to be front and center. Rescued from a shelter, Bingley (@bingleysbackyardgarden)  has become a fantastic companion with a fondness for gardens and following the gardener around.

Memorable Meal

It’s not fancy, but it’s warm, hearty, and filled with memories: Mom’s Baked Potato Soup. Made with a cream base and garnished with sharp cheddar and thick cut bacon crumbles, it’s everything that good bad food should be! It’s a regular at holiday gatherings. And my birthday.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

- Dolly Parton