Amanda at Work

Amanda has the design skills our clients need to make sure that their photos pop off the page, their infographics are graphical as well as informational, and their illustrations are perfectly illustrative. She may not be the longest-tenured member of the MarketPlace team, but she’s quickly becoming one of the most resourceful, as she employs her creative skills and eye for the conceptual to execute high-level designs for our partners.

With experience in design for both traditional manufacturing and the world of startups, Amanda brings a well-rounded and compelling perspective to MarketPlace, and to our client’s work. We’re glad to have her on our team, and you will be too.


Amanda received her BFA in graphic design from Lindenwood University with a minor in studio arts. During her education, she interned at Betallic and Boxco Industries, a balloon design company, and also served as team leader for the Lindenwood design lab. She has also worked as the lead designer for My Lampscapes, an LA-based startup, as well as running her own private photography business.

Amanda at Home

When not designing balloons, lamps, or sell sheets, Amanda spends time with her husband and/or her cats—a Maine coone and an orange tabby—with whom she enjoys going on road trips (the husband, not the cat) or relaxing at the family farm (either). She also enjoys taking photographs and has a strong interest in cars.

coffee cup design


I take inspiration from pieces that blend polished design and handmade art, like this to-go cup. The design takes an ordinary, simple piece of daily life and gives it a touch of intricate, creative beauty.

Memorable Meal

Some of Amanda’s most memorable food experiences have included eating alligator tail and her annual attendance at a community potato pancake supper in New Melle, Missouri.

Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it.

- Anonymous