The Situation

Our partnership with Novel Ingredients gave us the opportunity to develop brands for several of their proprietary supplement ingredients. Their citrus aurantium extract, used for energy and improved exercise performance, had been popular for over a decade, but it had a complicated regulatory history and a rather tired and clinical brand (Advantra Z) designed for B2B sales only. Its look needed to be elevated to reinvigorate sales, both direct and through co-branding, and re-introduce it to an evolving sports nutrition market.


We worked closely with Novel’s team to reposition the ingredient through naming and identity design, resulting in its rebranding as Kinetiq. The new brand positions the extract as a mainstream sports performance ingredient, appealing to the large audience of fitness enthusiasts, crossfit diehards, traditional athletes, and weekend warriors.

Aiming to differentiate the ingredient for supplement brands seeking a boost to their labels, we created a dynamic, modern look appropriate to that audience, with a balanced emphasis on both lifestyle elements and more conventional athletic branding.


We worked closely with Novel’s marketing and sales to develop sales materials, from sell sheets to brochures, to communicate the ingredient’s features and benefits in a visually compelling and verbally consistent way.


To further support Kinetiq’s launch, we developed a microsite, integrating video and premium imagery as well as clinical research. The site serves as a resource for consumers as well as manufacturers, supporting the safety and efficacy of the ingredient with key scientific data.


The more modern, relevant brand for Kinetiq has refreshed the ingredient’s status in the market, helping to secure its promotion across categories on CPG packaging and websites. From mainstream leaders like Cellucor and Performix to proven brands like Metabolic Nutrition and ProSupps; from private label to niche naturopathic offerings and targeted offerings like weight control patches, our brand development work for this citrus aurantium extract has helped lead to adoption not only by consumer supplement brands but also by consumers themselves, helping to build the overall equity of parent company Novel Ingredients.