Project Goals

Delavau came to us as a long-established brand (since 1847!) as they launched a new manufacturing process and began the process of segmenting their business into two divisions focused on food and pharmaceutical marketing. We helped them accomplish that segmentation into Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners and Delavau Food Partners, respectively, creating more brand value and updating the brand at the same time to reflect their technical expertise and incredibly precise, high-value capabilities.


Delavau had technology and expertise their competitors could not match, focused on their continuous manufacturing process, but their branding had yet to communicate that value. Working closely with key staff, we developed a brand strategy that positioned the company as a more value-added partner, particularly through a more focused industry segmentation. The new divisions better communicated Delavau’s unique value to each industry they serve.


We evolved Delavau’s brand name and visual identity to better support their position as a value-added partner. The new logo subtly invokes their distinctive process, continuous manufacturing, by creating a continuous loop within their first initial.


In addition to helping Delavau think through business strategy as they divided into food and pharmaceutical divisions, we developed both visual brands together to ensure that they were distinct, yet coherent. The result is a pair of brands that work equally well together or separately, building brand equity for the company as a whole.


To best communicate the evolved brand, we designed and developed a new web presence aimed at engaging the B2B pharmaceutical audience with new content and a streamlined, precise visual aesthetic. The new look communicates the highly technical nature of Delavau’s expertise, reinforcing their distinctive value of “pure precision.”


Our video work for Delavau captures the precision of their manufacturing and product development work while still showing the warmth and humanity of their staff. We documented their process and interviewed their staff to create video assets that communicate their highly technical brand values while also making an emotional connection with their customers.


We launched the new brand at a major show for the industry, creating a dynamic, visually striking booth presence. We deployed the brand’s video as a means of attracting attention and also created a custom sales tool for use by Delavau’s booth staff.


Segmenting Delavau’s brand into two areas has allowed the company’s staff to focus their energies as experts in their respective industries. Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners continues to grow and refine their capabilities in “pure precision” with support from MarketPlace. For more on their sister company, Delavau Food Partners, click here. And if your brand needs refinement, get in touch.