The Situation

MarketPlace was approached by a pet food industry insider who had manufacturing in place, industry relationships, and the option to leverage a license with the Duck Commander brand. What this partner didn't have was a consumer-driven mandate to develop a new pet food brand, let alone a brand to introduce. So MarketPlace was called upon to help evaluate the feasibility of the project and, ultimately, to develop a pet food (and treat) brand from scratch, which led our strategists and designers from research and testing through category management studies, AAFCO regulations, and formulation and ingredient sourcing to packaging design and retailer sales pitches.


MarketPlace conducted a feasibility study to determine the brand’s potential, both with and without the celebrity endorsement. This study investigated not only consumer trends and competitive concerns but also the potential for meaningful brand differentiation in all channels, from pet specialty and mass to farm and feed and dollar stores.

Brand Development

With the green light from the client and with business strategy in place, including target channels and audience, MarketPlace moved forward with developing a new brand from scratch. Through consumer and industry insight, collaboration with the client, and original surveys, we moved through our strategic brand development process, culminating in a relevant, thoughtful, commercially viable brand identity.


With business strategy, brand strategy, and brand identity in hand, our lead strategist worked with a nutritionist and suppliers to develop four formulas for launch. From ingredient deck to branded formula names, we had our paws on every aspect of the development.


To help with differentiation at shelf and online, we organized and executed multiple photo shoots—from local scenes to the Duck Commander life in rural Louisiana—resulting in a large brand asset library for use on packaging, in environmental marketing, and in both print and online sales tools.


Combining our extensive packaging experience, pet industry insight, and consumer testing, we developed packaging that aligned with the business and brand strategy and that could be easily modified for use with our without the celebrity endorsement.

Featuring our identity, photography, formula names, and custom design work, these packages were the culmination of a comprehensive development effort.


To assist the brand owner in the sales process, we developed branded business cards, sell sheets, and sales decks, including the results of testing our brand (as packaging) against established, industry leading brands (as packaging). Despite no brand awareness, loyalty, or marketing, our brand outperformed industry leaders such as Blue Buffalo and Merrick.


To learn more about our comprehensive brand and product development efforts, or to find out what has become of the Fieldmade brand, please get in touch and we’d love to walk you through this and discuss how we can offer you similar strategic creative.