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The consumer pet space is booming. It’s been booming since we’ve been in it, really. From our earlier years helping take FURminator from a niche brand to a household name through year after year of walking the oddly cushioned floors of Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo, we’ve witnessed, branded, and consulted through a lot of pet industry growth. It’s incredibly exciting and energizing. 

We love helping existing brands evolve to better defend their space, but we equally enjoy the challenge from the other end of the spectrum: developing a pet care brand that can take share, claim space, and provide a valuable contribution to the consumer.

Our partner in this venture had experience in FDM, club, and pet specialty. They knew manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Why come to us for help? Because the ecommerce landscape, the competitive set, and the branding demands of a younger generation of pet parents had outgrown their in-house capabilities.

They needed a partner who understood the product development lifecycle as well as they did but with the ability to execute creatively. They needed, really, an external arm of their own marketing department.

We played what has been one of our most prized roles over the course of almost two decades: an industry expert whose hand they didn’t have to hold, functioning as consultant and straight-talking strategic partner with all the benefits of working with a top creative agency.


Suchgood Water Additive
Suchgood Dental Spray
Suchgood Dental Gel

Assets > Content

Our goal in any brand development project is to create brand assets, not just content. Using a combination of our photo studio, our video studio, and our team of creatives, we develop visual brand assets designed to accomplish specific marketing goals but also to be used across marcomm efforts, from trade show graphics to POS to retail pitches. In other words, brand assets, created thoughtfully, are an investment.

Asset Development

A Note on Custom Photography

The world of stock imagery has certainly gotten better. We use it as needed when circumstances call for it. And not every brand needs custom photography. But when you’re like Suchgood, when your identity is tied so closely to the emotional bond between a person and her pet, there’s no way to tell your story fully, authentically, or consistently without custom assets, and without fullness, authenticity, or consistency, there’s no brand.

The New Storefront

Very few of our CPG partners can afford to ignore the Amazon ecosystem, so early on we built a digital and creative team who could help our partners navigate the often maddening, always necessary technical requirements of Amazon and who could design specifically for Amazon, presenting brands in a compelling, user-friendly, algorithm-satisfying way.

Amazon Store

Look at the faces of these dogs down below. Now imagine us on the other end of those arms, making the same faces.

Suchgood scrunched up dog face custom photos

That’s literally how we looked while doing that photoshoot, but it’s also how we felt, having pulled off a complex, comprehensive brand development initiative. We love this work.

Suchgood Water Additive for Dogs Promo
Suchgood Dental Care Gel for Dog Promo
Suchgood Water Additive Imagery
Brand Strategy and Product Development
Developed a brand strategy based on ideation session and in-house research. Collaborated on product formulation, including matchmaking with contract manufacturing partners.
Naming and Identity Development
Led our partners through name development, including extra educational component for an ESL audience. Performed perception testing and legal vetting. Visual identity brought the name to life.
Packaging Production and Management
Developed packaging concepts and implemented custom research on chosen concept, which outperformed the category leader in a head to head test. Coordinated with the printer to manage all technical aspects.
YouTube and Instagram Video Ads
Performed an in-house photo and video shoot to capture brand assets for use across marcomm efforts, including short videos designed for YouTube and Instagram advertising.
Amazon Setup and Google Ads Promotion
Set up brand presence on Amazon, including product page content, EBC, and storefront. Created and managed initial paid search and YouTube campaigns to support launch objectives.
Influencer Campaign
Developed, implemented, and managed a pet influencer campaign as part of the brand launch tactics, from messaging guidelines to product fulfillment.

Behind the Scenes

We’re looking forward to seeing the ways that Suchgood improves the lives of pets and their people. And, based on the strategy leading up to launch and the results of our testing, we’re confident that Suchgood will have that opportunity.
Purchase intent (cf. category leader)
Purchase intent (cf. established mass market brand)
Preference over competitors among target demo
Exceeded YouTube View Rate Goal
Percent of Google Clicks Above Benchmark
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