Project Goals

Novel Ingredients engaged us as their nutraceutical branding partner shortly after a leadership change. New leadership had developed a business strategy aimed to move the company from its previous model as a specialized ingredient supplier to a more value-added position as a vertically integrated partner. Working as their external marketing arm, we worked closely with their team to create numerous new assets supporting that position and, ultimately, establishing it firmly in the industry.


Though Novel’s leadership had a firm idea of their strategic approach from the beginning of our work together, we nonetheless conducted our due diligence by performing a thorough review of industry trends and consumer attitudes, culminating in a brand strategy guide containing trend analysis correlated to the brand’s core business platform.

That research informed all our subsequent work for Novel, from identity work and numerous sales tools to the white papers we wrote for them.


To support Novel’s new direction, we developed a new visual identity, including a logo that represents their many different capabilities. Novel was known for sourcing hard-to-find botanical ingredients, but the company also offered high-end technologies and supplement product development, supporting their partners with a suite of services. The new identity reflects that vertically integrated set of services with four distinct color elements, representing manufacturing, development, sourcing, and processing.

We implemented the new branding and business strategy across the company, from a new trade show presence, to print and digital advertising, to a web presence and branded ingredients and programs.


Understanding the consumer shift toward transparency, traceability, and identity, we helped Novel build up their credibility with two branded programs meant to highlight the high standards their ingredients meet. With recent scandals rocking the nutraceuticals industry over the quality and identity of many botanical ingredients, Novel was a leader in scientifically backed verification to ensure the quality of their sourcing. We developed identities and materials for the DNA PUR and Tru-Assurance programs to help Novel market these capabilities and solidify their position as a value-added partner.


In order to grow sales and build Novel’s position as a partner, we helped them establish several branded product lines. They sell these ingredients to consumer-facing supplement brands to burnish their own labels and add consumer appeal, an approach we helped them develop and which has been quite successful to date.

Brands we have helped create include Kinetiq and Cera-Q (highlighted elsewhere on this site) as well as PhysiCor for reducing fat and building muscle, Acumin for turmeric nutrients, and QU995 for immunity and exercise performance. We developed branding and sales assets for each ingredient brand.

Custom Photography and Videography

To further highlight Novel’s advanced technical and manufacturing capabilities, we executed custom photography and video at their facilities in New Jersey. We integrated the imagery into their web presence and other relevant materials.

Web Design

We also created a web presence for the brand, focused on establishing the new position and communicating information about their ingredient offerings. We integrated our custom imagery as well as developing all design and content for the initial launch of the site.


To launch the new brand at a major trade show, we developed a new booth presence highlighting Novel’s advanced technical expertise and industry leadership. We also integrated cross-promotion of their new ingredient brands, and produced custom sales tools to support their presence at the show.


In order to make sure Novel’s existing customer base was aware of their new brand, we needed an approach to reach this rather traditional group in a visceral, tangible way. Accordingly, we developed a direct mail campaign aimed at existing customers, updating them on the new brand and providing a sample to highlight Novel’s most advanced technical capabilities.


After our work together, Novel now has a well-established new brand that continues to solidify its presence in the market. With their branded ingredients gaining traction in the consumer marketplace as well, Novel is well positioned to continue their work as a nutraceutical marketing partner for the long term.