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What Elemend Health did have is significant expertise developing and marketing trace minerals for B2B pet and animal nutrition. So when they decided it was time to develop their own CPG supplement brand for the human nutrition space, they asked us to lead them through the from-scratch-creation and launch of a consumer supplement line. In other words, what we did for them (as we’ve done for other partners) is help a B2B company convert, grow, and adapt to the new world of D2C.

Mend + Defend brand identity grid
Ideation Session, Brand Strategy, and Architecture
Custom Research and Consumer Survey
Brand and Product Naming
Brand Identity and Packaging
Custom Photoshoot
Digital Strategy
Landing Page and Website Development
Amazon Setup
Press Releases, Email Marketing, Social Media

In-House Photoshoot

The Health and Wellness market—and in our case the VMS gut health space—can feel a little bit like the microbiome itself: big, mysterious, exciting, confusing. We knew that it would be a challenge to knock down barriers to purchase and put consumers at ease. So we did our due diligence on the supplement consumer, culminating in a custom survey targeting those with a personal stake in gut health products.

The results of this survey informed everything from Amazon storefront design to packaging development to tagline creation to website architecture.

Clean, clear, consumable.

Mend Defend Website

Every bit of upfront, back-end work is worth its weight in gold. And it should be, as key stakeholder meetings over selling strategy and back and forth with brand managers on positioning statements make all the difference in the world. But consumers evaluate the brand touchpoint, not the months of labor leading up to it. And that’s where our team worked its magic (or, more formally, “strategic creative”), creating labels and landing pages and copy and video communicating reasons to believe, paths to purchase, moments of emotional connection.

Launch Outcomes
ACoS, vs 30% Amazon Benchmark
Amazon launch conversion rate over benchmark
Impression share for brand searches
Mend Defend GutWell Pro
Mend Defend Emblem
Mend Defend Multi PerforMins
Mend Defend Zinc PerforMins
Mend Defend First Colostrum
Strong Swimmer
Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.
– Steve Jobs
Mend Defend GutWell
Mend Defend First Colostrum Powder

Want to know more? We love talking IgG, supplement branding, and taking B2B D2C, whether for Mend + Defend, a brand you’re looking to elevate, or a product innovation that you’d like to commercialize alongside the right partner.

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