The Situation

The-brand-now-known-as-Hůga approached us with a prototype product based on old family recipes and a passion for flavorful, gluten-free snacks. With our branding help, a few months later they had an eye-catching identity and shelf space at several well-known retailers, and were well on their way to brand success.

Hůga: a pronounceable form of the untranslatable Danish word hygge (from hyggelig), which means the art of creating intimacy, a sense of comradeship, conviviality, and contentment achieved by spending quality time with friends and loved ones, often centered on good food and drink.


After conducting a market assessment and developing a brand strategy, we developed an identity for the new company balancing its many identities: healthy but delicious, international but comforting. Months before The New Yorker proclaimed 2016 “the year of hygge,” a Danish term for coziness, we identified it as a attractive and on-trend brand name, positioning Hůga Bar as a moment of comfort for consumers on the go.


The visual identity we developed drew on this sense of hygge, while also conveying the international roots of Hůga’s recipes with a sophisticated, clean style.


Given the intense competition of the bar market, we knew Hůga needed a package that would stand out and communicate brand values at a glance, so we worked closely with packaging vendors and our partners at Hůga to create a line with a bold look and modern visual standards.


We also coordinated with Hůga staff to extensively adapt an ecommerce site platform to their brand identity and needs. The site has served Hůga well as an outlet for sales as well as promotion.


Relationships with retailers and distributors are critical for any consumer food product, often making the difference between brand success and failure. Knowing that, we worked with Hůga to create a printed sales tool that succinctly communicates the value of the brand to purchasers and store managers.


With our support, Hůga Bar has achieved success with retailers and consumers alike, building a growing distribution network and social following.

MarketPlace has a been a big part of our success. Their business acumen and outstanding creative work gave our startup brand a solid footing in the industry.

- Luis Rivero, Founder