Project Goals

Our relationship with Bunge North America, one of the world’s largest ingredient companies, has been a long and fruitful one. Our deep knowledge of the industry and their business has helped us define opportunities for them and allowed us to respond quickly to their needs, making us a partner for both their business strategy and marketing efforts. As the food industry partner for Bunge branding in North America, we're thrilled to support their continued growth.


Our strategy and research work for Bunge has been extensive, encompassing both their primary food business areas—oils and grains—and both brand strategy and market research. We have conducted ideation sessions with their large teams; developed a new product architecture; written new brand and product stories; provided deep-dive research into their key markets; and analyzed sales and consumer trends.

Through it all, our expertise in the industry and the brand ensured that the work stayed focused on Bunge’s key goals. With our support, Bunge has successfully launched major brands, completed acquisitions, and built their sales expertise along with improving relationships with key accounts.


Our work with Bunge has spanned numerous initiatives, encompassing brand development, sales support, event and trade show marketing, and advertising. We have supported them through key account meetings, creating pitch books and sales tools to strengthen those relationships and equip their sales staff.

As their partner for trade show support, we have developed creative, eye-catching event marketing to elevate their booth presence at critical shows. And we have created advertising campaigns supporting some of their most successful brands.

Because we know Bunge so well, we have also been called on for many other projects, from foodservice and sample packaging to video to logo design to media management. Through it all, we keep the overall health of their brand in mind to ensure strategic work that supports their business goals.


Bunge North America’s web presence was divided between many independent minisites when they began working with us, a situation that limited their search performance and confused customers. Additionally, the sites had a stale visual aesthetic and were built on out-of-date technology.

They called upon us to relaunch their flagship site,, with a new, forward-looking style reflecting their refreshed strategy. We designed and developed the site to position Bunge as a partner to their customers, always keeping good principles of UI/UX in mind.

The site centers around a custom product library, which combines a database of product information with a sample request system. The library makes it easy for customers to get ideas for application possibilities supported by Bunge’s extensive list of ingredients, and also streamlines Bunge’s own internal process for customer management.


We have developed several advertising campaigns — supported by research as well as custom photography — for Bunge, most notably in helping them launch the first major supply of non-GMO corn ingredients in 2016. Beyond advertising, we have helped them generate leads through digital tactics, including white papers and sponsorships. Our relationships with industry media have also secured them extensive earned media coverage as well as saving them a significant amount on their annual media plan.


MarketPlace has supported Bunge at numerous major trade shows, securing at-show attention, social and media buzz, and — most importantly — not just sales leads, but major contracts.

In order to maintain the industry’s attention as a legacy brand, Bunge frequently shifts their booth presence, and they call on us to help with creative thinking and thorough coordination. We work with Bunge and coordinate vendors to create exciting spaces deploying environmental design, custom apparel, promotional sample menus, and performers.


We have frequently developed resources to help Bunge staff tell their story, including both print and digital resources. These have included pitch books and product mockups for key account meetings, which go beyond listing features and benefits to visualize how Bunge’s ingredients can evolve the client’s label or menu. We have also developed video pitches for major opportunities. For more routine sales opportunities, we have developed presentations as well as sell sheets designed to iPad size so their team can use them in print or digital form.


Bunge came to MarketPlace for our extensive expertise in the B2B ingredient market, and they continue to partner with us because they know we have the knowledge and agility to respond immediately to their always-evolving needs.

The growth and success their North American division has experienced while working with us has resulted in opportunities to work with Bunge Global, and we look forward with anticipation to our continued partnership at both levels.