Project Goals

The biotechnology company Chromocell came to us to launch a new brand: a natural flavor company focused on making foods and beverages healthier and better tasting. Their highly specialized proprietary technology allows for foods that taste great despite having lower sugar and salt. With only the name, a temporary logo, and product offering established, the company needed brand assets in a very short time to launch at a critical trade show. Seeing the potential of the technology, we immediately got to work.


Even when clients come to us needing a quick-turn project, as FlavorHealth did, we keep strategy first to make sure that they get the optimal return on their investment. Short-term efforts are sometimes necessary, but we strive to ensure they have as much staying power as possible. For FlavorHealth, despite a need for a condensed timeline, we nonetheless executed research and ideation in a short period and created a brand guide that continues to steer the brand and support further development.

Recognizing the potential in a company that can reduce levels of salt and sugar in food products while retaining a great flavor, we developed strategy to highlight that value proposition and align the brand with consumer trends. Working collaboratively to ensure efficient decision-making, we also conducted a thorough situation analysis to ensure a position that differentiated FlavorHealth from their competitors, centered around their unique technology and its striking benefits for consumer health and enjoyment.


Given FlavorHealth’s unique technology and value, we wanted to create a brand identity that would position the company as a force for change in the industry. Accordingly, we developed a look that employs much bolder elements than the typical flavor company, featuring bright, contemporary photography and a brash, direct tone. The aim was to make the brand stand out decisively in the rather conservative B2B food industry, immediately and viscerally communicating the brand’s pathbreaking potential.

We also reconceived the brand’s existing logo to use warm, natural colors. The new rendition communicates a natural position as well as supporting a fun, playful brand identity.


FlavorHealth needed to launch their brand at a quickly upcoming major trade show, so we efficiently developed a custom website and booth presence to support that launch — all featuring the brash imagery and tone that would serve as the hallmark of the brand.


Our strategy called for tactics that highlighted the bold, confident, creative nature of FlavorHealth’s product and staff. Accordingly, we created a brand video that associated FlavorHealth with foods you might not necessarily think of being better for you, featuring things like sodas and chips. We used motion graphics and a unique animation style to highlight the lifestyle appeal of the brand and to create an eye-catching asset for use online and in the trade show booth.


With our focused and efficient help, FlavorHealth had a successful launch and has continued to grow. Their bold positioning has resulted in extensive earned media coverage in the industry and strong brand awareness even as an early stage startup. With a revolutionary technology and a brand to match, we look forward to the future for FlavorHealth.