Project Goals

When the owners of QSR Planet Wings approached MarketPlace for help, they were a regional chain serving high quality food, but they were underperforming due to a dated brand that didn't reflect that high quality and, thus, didn't appeal to a new generation of fast casual eaters. Moreover, to better compete with the new wave of fast casuals and to remain relevant to a new wave of customers, they needed to attract more high-quality franchisees. Drawing on our breadth of food industry expertise, our consumer insight, and our strategic creative, we helped them comprehensively refurbish their brand—and reinvigorate their business potential—from logo to product offering and beyond.


To begin our work with Planet Wings, we conducted extensive research into the quick serve and fast casual markets. As we applied insight to design, we made sure to consider how our brand evolution decisions would be practical and realistic for franchisees, to ensure that the key brand goal of growing franchises was met.

Drawing on research, including consumer testing, and designing for franchisees and new customers alike, we comprehensively updated and modernized the brand. Planet Wings had a premium product, featuring organic chicken and high-quality ingredients, but their brand didn’t reflect that. Our new look (and tagline) communicated their value more effectively and positioned the brand for renewed competition with contemporary consumers.


As the brand identity was being developed, we began to inject some life into Planet Wings’ existing social media channels, using custom photography and design to promote both staples and LTOs around current events and with currently engaged users.


To fully execute the new brand, Planet Wings knew they would have to refresh the physical presence of their restaurants as well. From ideation calls to delivering mood boards and wall graphics, we worked with their architect and other vendors to make material recommendations for the revamped flagship store, creating a rebranded look that would serve as a realistic model for franchisees to emulate.


For the interior of the flagship store, we collaborated with ownership on the customer experience, helping define the best diner experience through floor plan, signage, lighting, and floor and wall finishes.

We also designed interior graphics to communicate Planet Wings’ values and elevate the brand, including oversized wall graphics and new digital menu boards, which we designed to meet all current food industry regulations.


Our work with Planet Wings’ menu went beyond mere redesign to encompass product strategy and development. Based on consumer surveys and original research, we made recommendations on simplifying the menu and streamlining the product offering in order to better focus the consumer’s experience on what the brand did best. For the soft launch of the new brand, we helped conceive, stage, photograph, and then design promos (from table tents to bag staplers to window clings to social graphics) for an end-of-summer LTO.


Our work for Planet Wings extended to every aspect of brand management, down to recommending and designing new apparel for employees — such as the sample T-shirt designs below.


Our work with Planet Wings resulted in a brand that better reflects the company’s offering and elevates its value from a lackluster QSR to a fresh fast casual. In keeping with the original goal of attracting more franchisees, the brand appeals to business owners and has resulted in the opening of several new locations.