Project Overview

Although “all-natural” burst onto the pet treat scene as an innovative claim, it soon became one of many. With an increasingly crowded shelf space and a lack of differentiation, Blue Dog Bakery, the vanguard of natural treat brands, knew it was time to give their FDM brand some TLC, so MarketPlace and Blue Dog Bakery partnered to do just that.

Blue Dog Bakery Natural Treats


As a brand already rooted in its commitment to providing wholesome, healthy treats to dogs, Blue Dog Bakery saw an opportunity to better tell its story and highlight its premium ingredients.

MarketPlace kicked off our partnership with stakeholder surveys, data collection, and multiple ideation sessions, then assessed the industry landscape with an in-depth situation analysis. After identifying actionable insights from this discovery process, we got to work.

What resulted was a revitalized position for Blue Dog Bakery that upheld its successful, core brand while embracing the emotional connection Blue Dog Bakery has with its customers.

Armed with a redefined position, including new core messaging, we began implementing the strategy through a new package design, website, and trade show presence.


With 20 years of market presence under its collar, Blue Dog Bakery boasted valuable brand equity in its logo and mascot. Preserving those fundamentals, we began a modernization of its visual assets, including typography, art direction, photography, textures, and color palette.

The outcome was a rejuvenated identity that better aligns with the rewarding experience consumers—and the dogs they love—have with Blue Dog Bakery treats.

Pet Treat Branding

Blue Dog Bakery beefed up its product lineup by introducing savory meat treats in 2015, and in the midst of the brand’s makeover, a new chicken treat was getting primed for launch. This presented an ideal opportunity to bring new life to Blue Dog Bakery’s full line of meat treats and help the category stand independently from the brand’s flagship baked biscuits. Moreover, it helped Blue Dog Bakery expand its footprint logically (and fiscally) on the FDM shelves where it already lived.


Pet Treat Packaging Development

Aligning with the timing of the chicken treats launch was Global Pet Expo, a premier trade show for pet products. This presented a perfect platform to introduce the new snacks to the pet industry.

Being one new product among more than 3,000 launching at Global Pet Expo meant that, to stand out from the pack—and the packaging—Blue Dog Bakery’s trade show presence needed to demonstrate the vibrancy of the new brand identity.

MarketPlace worked alongside Blue Dog Bakery’s stakeholders and vendors to create an engaging booth that reflected the brand’s personality and communicated its ingredient philosophy.

Global Pet Expo Trade Show Booth Design for Blue Dog Bakery

To bring Blue Dog Bakery’s rewarding consumer experience online, MarketPlace designed and developed a completely new website for the brand.

Through a variety of applications, the new site encourages meaningful consumer interaction:

  • A treat-selector quiz that helps articulate the product line
  • A community page featuring Blue Dog Bakery’s biggest fans
  • Integration with retailer inventory and online vendors
  • Custom functionality that supports cross-promotion of products

As an extension of Blue Dog Bakery’s personality, the website fosters positive connections between the brand and its community of dog lovers.

Website Design and Development for Blue Dog Bakery Pet Treat Brand

MarketPlace is a strategic partner of ours with deep design capabilities and a history of experience in the pet category. They are helping Blue Dog Bakery come to life in multiple ways across the media mix, from packaging to trade show booths, as well as activating our brand socially and digitally.”

- Eric Koppelman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

After a successful launch of the meat treats, we’re excited to see the rewarding experiences Blue Dog Bakery creates next. And as the pet industry becomes increasingly saturated, we’re confident that Blue Dog Bakery’s rejuvenated brand, stand-out packaging, and engaging website will help position any innovation they bring to market ahead of the competition.