The Situation

Lost market share and a compromised position are symptoms. They indicate, more than anything else, a lack of health at a company’s most fundamental level: the brand level. For one major Midwest dairy cooperative, the dilution of its 70-year-old identity required a full-service approach to its brand to keep it successful in an increasingly competitive market.

Prairie Farms Yogurt Packaging


A large dairy co-op producing and distributing dairy products throughout the Midwest and Midsouth, Prairie Farms’ identity was a compilation of numerous campaigns and initiatives cobbled together over the course of 70 years.

Eroded by inconsistency and a lack of definition in the marketplace, Prairie Farms was faced with reduced sales and a decrease in brand loyalty as challengers emerged and adapted to changing consumer preference.

Our mission was to create a brand identity, to communicate Prairie Farms’ value in a modern, cohesive manner that resonates with dairy consumers. That required definition and consistency. That required the kind of integrated, full-service food marketing that MarketPlace is designed to deliver.

Prairie Farms positioning
Prairie Farms sell sheets


Through specialized market insight and comprehensive testing, we determined “farmer-owned” to be relevant, plausible, and meaningful for Prairie Farms, so we applied that brand attribute to the messaging and visual identity.

After developing the new visual identity, we began concepting for 27 SKUs of yogurt, as Prairie Farms had lost significant market share in the yogurt segment.

The new packaging, which underwent a reduction in size, almost immediately recouped its cost during its introduction to the market, as consumers preferred our new package design 3 to 1 over the competitive set and 90% over existing packaging.

Prairie Farms Packaging SKUs
Prairie Farms apps
Prairie Farms branding
Prairie Farms coupons
Prairie Farms Website


We measured the growth of the brand online by analyzing web statistics for various campaigns, promotions, and marketing efforts. Sales figures confirmed that Prairie Farms had improved its image and that the new farmer-owned position resonated with consumers.

By defining Prairie Farms’ farmer-owned story, MarketPlace laid the groundwork for ongoing brand growth. With a strong foundation and supporting resources, Prairie Farms continues to tell its brand story across product lines today.

Because of our market expertise, consumer insight, and full spectrum of in-house services, we were able to help Prairie Farms reverse its fortunes and ensure brand consistency and business success for years to come. Have questions about our work with Prairie Farms? Want to know if we can deliver similar results for your brand? Give us a call today—we’d love to talk.