Project Goals

Leadership in one food industry segment does not guarantee success in another. So, when B2B food ingredient manufacturer IDF™ (International Dehydrated Foods)—the leader in chicken broth, fat, and meat powder ingredients—sought to break into the highly competitive protein ingredient market, they partnered with MarketPlace to ensure that their first impression would be highly strategic, as well.


IDF had long been known for—and built its success upon—the quality and flavor of its broths. As the company diversified its offerings to include functionally focused ingredients like its neutral-flavor, high-protein chicken powder, IDF needed to revise its position and redirect its brand to appeal to the health and wellness market while shoring up its existing foothold as the premier provider of broths, fats, and meat powders.


To promote the new product line and carry out the brand strategy, we created and executed an integrated marketing campaign encompassing digital, print, and event marketing.

We introduced the IDF high-protein ingredient through a print and digital ad campaign that positioned it competitively against soy and whey, with a direct challenge to the leading protein ingredients in the market.


Our process for updating the IDF brand strategy began with ideation and research. Through a situation analysis—in which we analyzed the existing brand, environment, competition, and opportunities—we gained specific insight and identified key takeaways that informed a new brand strategy and tactical implementation.

In advance of a major food industry trade show, we developed a comprehensive trade show strategy, sales tools, and a mobile-friendly microsite specific to the trade show audience.

Through bold imagery and messaging, we made IDF synonymous with real food ingredients and applied its differentiating look, feel, and position to the full IDF brand, including its print and digital advertising, web content, and media presence.


By introducing striking chicken imagery, we helped IDF break through the clutter in a market oversaturated with stock photography of food applications. We said “real food ingredients” by owning the very real source of IDF ingredients, using the beauty of chicken to help communicate our message about the quality of IDF ingredients.


Introducing a new protein ingredient meant we needed to reach the people who would be formulating with the ingredient: the R&D audience. We spoke the language of the food industry in a bold and flavorful way that got the attention of the technical audience—and the media—and gave IDF a memorable protein position.

Our digital and event marketing increased web leads on an IDF microsite by eight times the previous week’s total.


Informed by industry and consumer surveys and research, we developed a transparency strategy and tactical recommendations for communicating the IDF story. With consumer and industry insights, we applied this strategy to website content that tells the story of IDF, its ingredients, its processes, and its commitment to social responsibility.


As the updated brand position took hold and the strategy was applied across the brand, we’ve developed multipurpose assets that continue to carry the brand strategy and position forward in marketing, advertising, and sales materials. With custom image and content assets, we’ve built a foundation for ongoing brand application.


A comprehensive approach to the repositioning of IDF as a quality protein supplier and leader in real food ingredients resulted in IDF engaging new leads, receiving coverage by industry media, and asserting its new position in the health and wellness segment.

The new strategy was so effective that, in addition to the successful launch of its protein ingredient, the demand for IDF’s broth, fat, and meat powder ingredients have also experienced significant growth.