Project Goals

Virginia Dare had branding that dated back most of a century, and a set of marketing assets that, while not quite that old, weren’t serving the company well. As a leader in the food industry for flavors, Virginia Dare knew they couldn’t entrust their brand to just anyone — so they turned to us as the industry’s most trusted and expert partner for brand growth.

Facts & Figures

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Working closely with Virginia Dare’s staff, we conducted market research and developed a new brand strategy and product architecture for the company. While retaining key aspects of the company’s history in order to preserve brand equity, our new approach to the language and structure of the firm clarified Virginia Dare’s value and transitioned the brand toward a position that better reflected its modern offerings.


With a strategy established, we created a new visual identity for the brand, aiming to communicate Virginia Dare’s advanced technological capabilities and foundational place in the industry.


The refreshed identity maintained continuity with the brand’s historic look by retaining its distinctive name and refreshing its established color palette. The brand’s new icon, a sleek, modern “V” element, provided opportunities for carrying the brand through to other visual elements through the use of bold “V” angles.


We also relaunched the brand’s website, designing and developing a custom site with lead generation and search effectiveness in mind. The new site better communicates Virginia Dare’s technological strengths, while also providing abundant opportunities for content marketing through white papers, blog posts, and application ideas.


In order to maintain Virginia Dare’s high brand awareness and promote renewed engagement, we coordinated a launch of the new brand at the industry’s largest trade show. We redesigned the company’s long-established booth presence to create a dynamic, inviting space that employed multimedia and lead generation tactics to create buzz and produce a sales return. As Virginia Dare’s partner for media relations, we helped prepare a press campaign as well, resulting in extensive coverage of the rebrand in industry media.


A new ad campaign also helped alert the industry to the refreshed brand, as well as promoting one of Virginia Dare’s biggest strengths: the collaborative nature of its team and its leadership in the flavor industry.

Sales Growth

As a firm with an extensive sales team and long-established customer relationships, Virginia Dare understood that it was critical for their entire staff to grasp the particulars of the new brand. Accordingly, MarketPlace prepared and delivered a multi-session brand training program aimed at ensuring that all members of the staff could speak effectively to the new position. As Virginia Dare’s brand partner, we continue to work with them on other critical nurturing initiatives, from managing earned and purchased media to new white papers and blog posts.


Navigating the intricacies of the industry, balancing legacy with innovation, and aligning marketing and sales — these are challenging tasks, but they’re our reason for being. We’re grateful to partner with a leader like Virginia Dare and thrilled to see the brand serve their current needs, as the first comprehensive brand refresh in their history has left them well positioned for another century of success.