Check this Account Project Manager job opening

  Establishes mutual trust with Clients and teammates
  Manages multiple projects and Clients simultaneously
 Responsible and accountable for managing project details with precision
  Follows, improves, and creates processes
  Writes clear, concise, actionable emails
 Organizes and relays project details and client feedback
  Establishes and manages project timelines
  Tracks expenses and manages project budgets
  Values and demonstrates efficiency
  Keeps projects on-track, on-time, and within budget
  Excels in a fast-paced team- and deadline-oriented environment
  Driven to identify gaps and opportunities and to make change happen
  Enjoys seeing things through to completion (check!)

If you’re mentally checking off the above with “that’s-me!” glee and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a project and/or account management role, you might be interested in the Account Project Manager (APM) role at MarketPlace.

A bit about MarketPlace: MarketPlace is a team of talented, brilliant high-achievers who help B2B and B2C brands launch new products, new business units, and new or revitalized brands with full-service strategy and creative capabilities, including:

  • Brand development
  • Packaging
  • Research and analysis
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Websites
  • Trade shows
  • Multimedia ad campaigns
  • Digital promotion
  • Social media engagement
  • Much more, you get the gist

Why we’re adding an APM: Our team cares about the quality of our work and the lasting impact it can have on our clients’ businesses. And we know great work doesn’t happen without effective timeline management, organized project details and budgets, and expectation alignment. While our Brand Strategists have historically managed those elements themselves, our company is growing. We value the mindset and skillset of an experienced Account Project Manager and recognize that the right APM will add to the success and happiness of our team and clients.

What we’re seeking in an APM: A hallmark of an APM is one who takes pride, if not glee, in efficiently writing effective emails, anticipating needs, and preventing problems. An APM considers the downstream implications of a change to a brand or product, like how changing the ingredients in a consumer packaged good (CPG) can translate to updates on packaging, website, Amazon listings, sales tools, digital renderings—the list goes on!

Clarity, concision, and purpose are evident in an APM’s writing. Action items? Yes, please! With due dates? Always!

While MarketPlace has a project management system in place, an APM can and should champion new tools and processes where doing so would improve team efficiency, collaboration, and communication.

APMs are responsible for managing a project from kickoff through completion, aligning with the scope of work and creative brief developed by the Brand Strategist. APMs build timelines, schedule milestones, communicate with Clients, manage budgets, own project details, manage revisions, document approvals, and anticipate the needs of each project. A no-task-too-small doer, the APM is driven to put a bow on projects and tackle to-dos of all kinds.

Perhaps most importantly, APMs will foster positive relationships with our highly prized Clients and teams. An APM knows their Clients well: how they best communicate and how they prefer to work. Likewise, an APM knows their team members well and works collaboratively with strategists, creatives, and specialists to deliver exceptional creative work rooted in substantive strategies on time and within scope.

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