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Brand Management Team

Management + Coordination
Megan Hook
Shauna Craig
Media + Digital Strategy
Erin Robbins
Allison Klinghammer
Shauna Craig
Verbal Identity
Megan Hook
Shauna White
Jim Hibsch
Kim Velten
Matt Miller (contractor)
Visual Identity
Megan Hook
Shelby White
Emma Schumacher (contractor)
Photography + Video Production
Elliott Krejci
Shelby White
Megan Hook
Shauna Craig
Bailey Crouch
Web Development
Ami Novak
Josh (Kestrel Co)

Brand Strategy

Brand Statements

Positioning Statement

We cultivate meaningful nutrition and lifestyle brands for people and pets.

Mission Statement

We better the lives of people and pets. Deeply rooted in nutrition and lifestyle markets, and driven by intelligence, collaboration, and care, we create breakthrough brands and cultivate meaningful success.

Vision Statement
We create better brands for healthier, happier people and pets.

Elevator Speach

Boilerplate, 100 characters
We create better brands for healthier, happier people and pets.

Boilerplate, 600 characters
We create better brands for healthier, happier people and pets.

Since 2002, MarketPlace has been connecting B2B product development to the B2C marketplace, business strategy to creative execution, and nutrition industry leaders to our growing team of strategists, writers, designers, and technologists.

Deeply rooted in the nutrition and lifestyle markets, we operate as a strategic marketing arm and execute everything from brand strategy to creative development and promotional execution. Together, our industry focus and broad services secure a superior understanding of your business and your customer; we function as an extension of your business and as a true partner.

Brand Pillars

Industry Expertise and Leadership
Since 2002, MarketPlace has been at the forefront of nutrition and wellness. With a competitive understanding of consumer preferences and food technology, born from our primary research and experience, we guide our clients on what’s next. These actionable insights have led to many successful product launches: freeze-dried functional pet jerky, post-biotics, upcycled ingredients. They’ve also led to hundreds of long-standing relationships with the media outlets that broker attention and guide industry narrative. Through press releases, keynote speaking engagements, and white papers we’ve fueled growth and positive change for ourselves and our brand partners and become a thought leader to the industry.
A Magnetic Mission + Vision
We design, brand, and market innovations that ultimately provide joy and value to the lives of people and pets. Year after year, MarketPlace has attracted bright, conscientious, generous, and amazingly talented people into the fold, due in large part to our transcendent mission the wonderful industries we serve. We range from culinary expert to highly engaged pet parent. We love the work we do and we’re good at it. Our values and culture have ensured a happy team and happy clients who have a long tenure at MarketPlace—well above industry averages—and has contributed greatly to our longevity as a business.
A Hybrid Model of Services
While consultancy firms are hired to find solutions in the boardroom and agencies are hired to tactically implement them from their studios, we consider both to be equal, essential, and at their best when highly integrated. Our strategy team creates inspired and informed business plans and the creative team strategically and skillfully activates them. Coupled with our industry knowledge and our team’s capability, it’s an immensely resourceful way of managing a brand and generates good outcomes for our partners.

Competitive Landscape

Brand Archetype: The Caretaker
Competitive Landscape: Needs to be inserted

Verbal Identity Guidelines

  • Warm and nurturing, sometimes familiar, sometimes energetic
    • We enthusiastically nurture ideas in the tension of pursuing creative possibility while discerning fixed and inherent limitationsWe are into our work and are delighted by the process of doing itWe are in wonder of the realities we can create through problem-solvingWe hold strong convictions about what we do and the way we do it
    • We speak about our client’s goals as if they’re our own
  • Nice balance between useful and interesting
    • We translate the useful insights, information, wisdom, and knowledge we’ve gained for our audience in a simple, approachable, interesting way
    • We tell small stories that communicate old truths in new, specific ways
  • Aware: culturally aware, self aware, context aware
    • We acknowledge that there is already a conversation happening in our industry and in the markets we serve. We listen and join in. Though not our preferred method of communication, buzzwords and industry terms can be necessary to joining that conversation
    • More importantly, because we advocate for our customer’s customer, we’re aware of the broader cultural themes that drive consumers
    • We understand how to engage with distracted, time-strapped people who skim information. Once we’ve built trust, we aren’t afraid to go deep with our partners and ask for more of their attention
  • Curious and insightful
    • We derive our insights from curiosity and observation
    • We know what we don’t know and when we need to know more
  • Conversational, engaging, active
    • We write with specific people in mind and say “you”
    • We use shorter, active sentences
    • With prudence, we sometimes use interjections and slang
  • Confident in our value and our limitations; authoritative
    • We lead with what we know we can do (that seems to be an internal debate that we’ll need to address), but we’ll also be the first to tell you about what we don’t do and what won’t be effective
    • An air of maturity; we ignore hype, formulas, and trends that aren’t effective

Visual Identity Guidelines

Outcomes Style
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Post-activation valuation (at acquisition)
YOY content engagement
YOY earned reach, social
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