Unwrapping Food

When we’re not marketing food, we’re discussing, praising, preparing, or consuming it. Does this qualify us to discuss the holidays? You bet your fruitcake. No matter who, where, or how you are, your holiday memories involve food. The holidays don’t exist because of food, but they probably wouldn’t exist without […]


The Technology of Trust

Typically, I pay more notice to my VHS collection of MacGyver episodes than to political conventions, but in 2004, even I cared about politics, as a handful of bloggers was issued press credentials for the Democratic and Republican conventions. This small act of validation signaled a large-scale shift in the […]

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Design, Vegetable, Miracle

Every Winter I miss the smell of fresh cut grass and the sunny weekends spent down at the creek and find myself wondering, “Why do I live in a part of the country where there are four distinct seasons?” But this Winter, I managed to break that cycle. A friend […]