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For us, a Copywriter is someone who, at a minimum,

  • listens well
  • asks good questions
  • thinks critically about a wide variety of topics
  • writes and speaks clearly and concisely and thoughtfully and creatively
  • interacts with others (reads good writing, watches good watching, and/or listens to good listening)
  • understands the connections between call and action

More, specifically, we’re looking for someone with a minimum of three years of professional experience doing the following:

  • Writing creative copy for all channels, with an emphasis on digital (e.g. websites, social campaigns)
  • Working alongside designers to develop creative concepts
  • Interacting with clients and/or presenting and explaining work to clients

As a potential Copywriter at MarketPlace, your ability to synthesize this information and present a thoughtful, clearly communicated application matters. A lot. We take the thought and the writing in your application seriously (but not stiffly), even if the tone of your writing isn’t serious (we love puns, though we don’t require them). We care about the organizational choices informing your resume format, and we care about the flow of your cover letter.

Please have a look around our website and make sure that we’re a good fit for you, which is obviously pretty important. Please provide samples and a cover letter and send those and your resume to

Thank you in advance for taking time to consider applying. We can’t respond to every application, unfortunately, but we promise that if we think there’s a potential for a fit, we’ll be in touch.

No relo.  No third-party candidates.