The Sweet Potato Story

We arrived in North Carolina on a Tuesday evening, ready to eat, understand, and film sweet potatoes in all their natural splendor. The eating went well (so, so well), and the understanding was a success (I didn’t know sweet potatoes are so delicate!), but filming the splendor, well, it rained […]


Speaking the Language of the Food Industry

At MarketPlace, we pride ourselves on being not only a branding and business development firm but also experts in our chosen industries, including food + beverage. Most of the time, we put that expertise to work serving companies within our industries, helping them sell food products, ingredients, or sometimes appliances. […]


What Does a Clean Label Mean to Consumers?

A clean label: the aspiration of the formulator, the obsession of the food executive, the love of the marketing department. Consumer advocates and shifting tastes have pushed the industry toward ingredient statements that are simpler, shorter, and more comprehensible to ordinary consumers—in short, “cleaner.” In response, ingredient companies market their […]

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