MarketPlace provides brand development and marketing tactics for food and pets. We’ve worked extensively with B2B and consumer companies of all types (including beverage, ingredient, and nutra) and all sizes at all points in the commercial process. With market insight, strategic creative, and measurable tactics, we help companies sell their products and services.

Brand Development Partners


MarketPlace was founded by corporate food industry veterans (and pet lovers) and is set up—from our staffing to our floor plan—to operate as a business partner. We know what it takes to make the time and energy you spend on marketing make a practical difference.

From brand strategy to advertising to media purchasing to designing and implementing next year’s integrated marketing plan, we use our experience, our connections, and our resources to make sure that your story matters to your market. In other words, we don’t just market to your industry—we’re already part of your industry, so we get it.


We spent our first year helping several B2B companies market their brands and their products, and in year two, we began doing the same with consumer companies, using our inside knowledge of the B2B world to help those companies navigate the complex issues related to regulation, production, and manufacturing, among many others.

In the decade plus since our founding, MarketPlace has grown from two people to a two-story, full-service brand development partner for food and pet companies. Our new space has expanded the ways we can serve the companies with whom we partner, and it’s provided room for our growing team of talented, creative, hard-working professionals committed to our founding promises and core principles, as follows:

  • Industry insight and success are best achieved by industry focus
  • To be purposeful and effective, creative must be informed by strategy
  • Consumer companies must understand both the marketplace and the commercial cycle
  • B2B companies must understand not only their customers but also the end consumer
  • People do business with people, not products or corporations
  • We stay grounded when we give of our time and our talents to strengthen our community
  • Office dogs make everything better
Product Commercialization


We know as well as you how complex the product commercialization process is. Because of our experience and focus, we understand every step of that process, from concept to consumer.

We’ve helped companies at all points in that process: product concept, trends, market research, regulations, design, logo and identity development, production, packaging, websites, advertising, and retail promotion. Whether you’re at the beginning of the process or in the final phase, we can help. If you need help with brand development or could use some strategic creative to help sell your products, we can help. We can help you navigate existing trends and anticipate future ones. We can help you make money. We love doing that.

In other words, we offer inside experience and outside perspective, both of which are necessary to any B2B and B2C food, beverage, ingredient, or pet company looking for help. To get a better sense of this approach, have a look below at a few pages from one of our product concept books, which demonstrates the ways we approach product concepts, industry and consumer trends, and tactics.

Pet Product Concepts
Pet Owner Trends
Pet Product Purchase Motivators


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A brand is not made. A brand exists. Our job is to refine it, make it matter, and tell its story to the right people in the right places at the right times.