Environmental Branding: Carpets, Coasters, and Clouds

What does CVS stand for? If you answered “Consumer Value Stores” or “Convenience, Value and Service,” color me impressed. Someone recently asked if I knew what CVS stands for. I said “murky carpet, oppressive red, and rows of overpriced wine.” This is not about CVS. This could be about why […]

The Preheated Oven of Food Industry Marketing

Since our beginning as food industry consultants 15 years ago, we’ve remained focused on the food industry. We’ve done so partly because the food industry is where we started and what we love. But we’ve also done so because we place great importance on the value of focus. Effective food […]

From Clean to Clear: Transparency at the Food Leaders Summit

For years now, we’ve been discussing the implications of transparency with our partners and on our blog. So we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with the Food Leaders Summit April 27-29 in Chicago. We’ll be in Booth 130, so we hope you’ll say hello while you’re there. If you’re registering […]

Trends to Look for at IFT14

Trends inform and inspire all of our work. In the food industry, this means knowing when cupcakes are “out” and doughnuts are “in”; what’s happening with the FDA’s decision on the GRAS designation of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs); and what the next hot protein ingredient will be (could it be microalgae […]

Gluten-Free We Go

Going gluten-free isn’t new to us. As the food marketing agency, staying apprised of food industry opportunities and challenges is part of the gig. So, when the chance to attend Gluten and Allergen Free Expo arose, our team was delighted to plan a trip dedicated to partaking in the gluten-free […]

SupplySide West 2013, a Food Marketing Feast

From the samples to the demonstrations to the entertainment factor (yes, even the tchotchkes), trade shows make us happy. We especially love trade shows that combine the subject matter and disciplines that hit our collective sweet spot. Perhaps no show does that better than SupplySide West. If you’re reading this, […]

An Agency with a Booth

At a recent industry trade show, several attendees asked me, throughout the course of an afternoon, what a food marketing agency does and why an agency would have a booth at a food show. Though my colleagues will tell you I’ve never offered a simple answer in my life, the […]

To Natural Products Expo West and Back

There are probably only two places where you can find a DJ spinning tunes for a baby food brand, a grown man dressed as the Lorax, and a yogurt container the size of a condo. The first is New York’s hottest nightclub, where I’ve never been, and the second, from […]